Monday, November 5, 2007

Principles of Bacterial Pathogenesis

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»Book Publisher: Academic Press (December, 2000)
»ISBN: 0123042208
»Book author: Eduardo A. Groisman
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Principles of Bacterial Pathogenesis presents a molecular perspective on a select group of bacterial pathogens by having the leaders of the field present their perspective in a clear and authoritative manner. Each chapter contains a comprehensive review devoted to a single pathogen. Several chapters include work from authors outside the pathogenesis field, providing general perspectives on the evolution, regulation, and secretion of virulence and determinants.

Key Features
* Explains the basic principles of bacterial pathogenesis
* Covers diverse aspects integrating regulation, cellular microbiology and evolution of microbial disease of humans
* Discusses current strategies for the identification of virulence determinants and the methods used by microbes to deliver virulence factors
* Presents authoritative treatises of the major disease microorganisms

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