Monday, November 5, 2007

Ophthalmic Pathology: An Illustrated Guide for Clinicians

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»Book Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Professional (01 September, 2005)
»ISBN: 072791779X
»Book author: K. Weng Sehu, William R. Lee
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Book Description:
This outstanding atlas of ophthalmic pathology brings together the world famous collection of digital images from the Tennant Eye Institute in Glasgow.Weng Sehu and William Lee have produced a unique body of information, moulding Ophthalmic Pathology and the accompanying interactive CD-Rom into the essential ‘must-have’ revision aid and reference book for ophthalmologists in training, teachers and clinical ophthalmologists worldwide.Ophthalmic Pathology is a concise, yet informative, user friendly textbook whose unparalleled image collection will more than meet the expectations of the ophthalmological community.
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