Monday, November 5, 2007

Molecular Pathology of Gynecologic Cancer

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»Book Publisher: Humana Press (03 May, 2007)
»ISBN: 1588294536
»Book author: Antonio Giordano, Alessandro Bovicelli, Robert J. Kurman
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Molecular Pathology of Gynecologic Cancer focuses on putting successful molecular strategies into practice for the treatment of gynecologic cancer. The volume begins with an explication of the editors’ hypothesis that cancer is mainly a disease of the cell cycle, based on the deregulation of the physiological process of cell reproduction. The following eleven chapters focus on specific issues in gynecologic cancers, including: a proposed model of ovarian serous carcinogenesis, molecular markers for ovarian epithelial cancer, an overview of the pathology of endometrial cancer, molecular genetic aspects of endometrial carcinoma and cervical cancer, a natural history of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) as it relates to cervical cancer, and hereditary issues in gynecologic cancers. The concluding chapter proposes and outlines a holistic approach to the treatment of female cancer patients. This new volume in Humana’s Current Clinical Oncology™ series will be necessary reading for clinicians and experimental researchers alike.

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