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Histopathology Specimens: Clinical, Pathological and Laboratory Aspects

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»Book Publisher: Springer (31 January, 2004)
»ISBN: 1852335971
»Book author: Derek C. Allen, R. Iain Cameron
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Covering anatomical, clinical, pathological and laboratory aspects of surgical histopathology specimens, this book relates specimen dissection and its clinical context to relevant histopathology reports, and therefore a more comprehensive patient prognosis and management is possible.

Histopathology Specimens - Clinical, Pathological and Laboratory Aspects explains pathological and clinical terminology, including a glossary of clinical request form abbreviations. It offers a standardised step-wise approach to specimen handling illustrated by simple line diagrams and highlights essentials of the histopathology report, relating them to appropriate specimen dissection.

This book will act as a reference tool for the medical trainee in histopathology and the biomedical scientist, and as a useful aide memoire for the histopathology consultant.



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