Monday, November 5, 2007

Practical Differential Diagnosis in Surgical Neuropathology

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»Book Publisher: Humana Press (15 July, 2000)
»ISBN: 0896038173
»Book author: Richard A. Prayson, Mark L. Cohen
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Book Description:
This well-organized guide to many of the more commonly encountered diagnostic problems in surgical neuropathology will serve as a day-to-day guide in most active pathology laboratories. The book focuses on the differential diagnosis of the most common neuropathologic entities encountered by general surgical pathologists. The authors go to great lengths to help readers with important diagnoses on very small amounts of tissue, or decide difficult situations where everything looks the same, or cope with intraoperative consultations when time is short and sample preparations are less than ideal. Richly detailed, Practical Differential Diagnosis in Surgical Neuropathology offers both general and specialist neuropathologists a user-friendly, decision-oriented guide to the major diagnostic problems in surgical neuropathology, one that will greatly facilitate successful day-to-day neuropathologic diagnosis, and thus the optimal care of patients.

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